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Reclaiming death

DEATH ISSUE: Death midwives shepherd the dying and then help the living say an intimate, inexpensive, and eco-friendly goodbye

DEATH ISSUE Death is the Grim Reaper come to collect his dues, a silent, bewildered specter bound in black, this undeniable truth that we avoid at all costs. But it doesn't have to be.Read more »

Among the archived

Exploring the Bay Area Reporter's online database of AIDS-era obituaries


Let's talk about death

DEATH ISSUE: Saying goodbye isn't easy, but it's an important part of life. We explore the Bay Area's evolving relationship with the end of life, from Boomer care and Death with Dignity to the "death midwives" movement.


DEATH ISSUE  Death comes for all of us, sometimes with advanced warning, other times suddenly.Read more »


Best Burrito, Best DJ, Best Shoe Store, Best Author, Best New Bar, Best Politician ... Our 39th annual celebration of the people, places, and things that make living here so incredible


400 awards, eight huge sections, a dozen beloved local heroes, one giant issue .... Since 1974, the Guardian has been publishing the original Best of the Bay. More than 15,000 readers voted this year for their Bests of the Bay:




Not for sale

Richmond to seize hundreds of mortgage loans from banks to revive its communities


From the Chevron refinery explosion to deepening pain of the housing crisis, the city of Richmond has endured a lot.

Walk through Richmond's Iron Triangle neighborhood and the signs of economic turmoil are everywhere. Homes there have been foreclosed or abandoned for years. Some windows are boarded up, others shattered. In lieu of decorations, signs bearing "DO NOT ENTER" warnings are posted on every other door. Bedding peeks out from beneath one of the abandoned homes.

Despite the neighborhood's struggle, life goes on.Read more »

Brave new world

Mobile concerts apps vie for your credit card love and attention — what's next? And why should we care?


Get fresh

TABLEHOPPING: Take a bite out of summer with hot restaurant openings, a plethora of brand new patios, and some delicious things to look forward to  


TABLEHOPPING Ahhh, the much-maligned San Francisco "summer," the 62-degree, socked-deeply-in-the-fog days we love to hate on — but secretly cherish when the rest of the country is melting in 98-degree temps with sauna-like levels of humidity. But we are a hardy bunch. We proudly don our scarves with a flourish as we sit on patios drinking pitchers of beer, our stripy sweaters like badges of honor as we attend windy picnics in the park, eating corn on the cob (that was grown somewhere warm, definitely not here) while wearing fingerless gloves.Read more »

Striking Out

Stadium concession workers — without a contract since 2010, denied tip jars, some paid less than minimum wage — aren't sharing in the San Francisco Giants' success and rising prices


Today marks 1,575 days since concession workers at AT&T Park have had a raise, during which time the San Francisco Giants have been fabulously successful, both on and off the playing field.

The 750 workers represented by UNITE-HERE Local 2 are currently involved in frustrating and fruitless negotiations with their employer, Centerplate, a South Carolina-based food service company contracted by the Giants to sell beer, garlic fries, and other overpriced consumables at games.Read more »


From Bonny Doon to Supermoons: our 39th annual survey of Northern California naked fun in the sun


Below you'll find our annual update on the state of nude beaches in Northern California, along with detailed guides and directions to some of our favorites. For details on dozens more, please see our complete Nude Beach Guide at, which we are in the process of updating.Read more »

Bands on the run

20 Bay Area musical acts + 20 local filmmaking teams = 48 hours of fun, sweat, and music video magic