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Vote yes on fresh school meals

When we deny kids nutrition, we deny them a future


OPINION My young friend ate school meals in San Francisco for 12 years. With food in short supply at home, he had little choice but to eat cafeteria offerings, but he was disheartened by the rubbery meat patties and limp vegetables that characterize frozen reheated school lunches. That's why he was thrilled to hear that SFUSD wants to replace frozen meals with freshly prepared entrees. Although his school lunch days are over, his younger siblings still rely on the cafeterias. Read more »

Sit-in at Lakeview elementary raided, free classes continue, rally at 5pm


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A sit-in at Oakland’s Lakeview Elementary School ended early this morning as police from the Oakland School Police force entered the school building, making two arrests.

The dispersal was calm by all accounts, although protesters say that officers threatened to use chemical weapons to disperse the crowd, which included young children.

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The cost of shorter school days


Everyone agrees that Jerry Brown is taking a huge gamble, putting big automatic education cuts in his budget in the hope that he'll convince voters to approve his tax hikes in November. It may be a wise political move: Most voters in California seem to support education spending, even if they still (wrongly) think the state wastes too much money on other services. Read more »

The really bad news about the state budget


There's no way to put a good spin on the new budget figures released by the Guv. No matter what happens in November, people who need help are going to get screwed in this state. Public schools will lose money. Health-care for the poor will be near collapse. Cities and counties will struggle to preserve the local safety nets. It's just a disaster, and there's no other way to look at it.Read more »

Low taxes are bad for business


The teachers at San Francisco's public schools are talking about going on strike. The contracts talks with the district are at an impasse. Things look bleak.

Well, they don't look as bleak as things in Philadelphia, but that's not really much in the way of good news.Read more »

Pink slime and the SFUSD


Let's start off with a basic assumption: This stuff is gross. If you eat hamburgers, you don't want to know what goes in them anyway, since it's never been pretty, but the idea of taking stuff so likely to be infected with e. coli that you have to run it through a centrifuge and the expose it to ammonia gas -- and then call it "food" -- is pretty icky even to me, and I eat sausage.Read more »