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Q&A: Queer Rebels on accessibility, representation, and the challenges queer people of color still face


It’s not that Modern Family and your Gender Studies reading list aren’t doing anything for queer and trans representation -- but there are still stories to be told, and ears to be reached.Read more »

Young and talented: SFSU's 26th Stillwell Student Exhibition


The Stillwell Student Exhibition is San Francisco State University's annual showcase of undergraduate and second-year MFA artwork celebrated in the name of Leo D. Stillwell, an amateur artist who died at the young age of 22 in 1947.

But a Google search doesn’t even yield that small bit of information about Stillwell. So who was he, and why has SF State honored him for 26 years?

Mark Johnson, director of the Fine Arts Gallery at SF State, explained that the generosity of Stillwell’s mother, Josephine, created opportunities for student artists all in loving memory of her son.

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