Entertainment Commission

Go do this thing tomorrow: Speak up for Viracocha


If you've ever set foot in Viracocha, the Never-Never-Land-esque antiques store/typewriter shop/arts space/music venue at 21st and Valencia, you know it's a pretty magical place — especially in contrast to some of the shiny new businesses springing up around it in the Mission as of late. Read more »

Is the War on Fun over, or do we still need to fight for our right to party?


On Monday, the Entertainment Commission brings together a slew of City folk and party people at its fourth annual Nightlife Industry Summit. The three-hour affair includes speeches from Police Chief Greg Suhr, Sup. Scott Weiner, and perhaps Mayor Ed Lee, as well as a panel of speakers, and break-out sessions where club owners, security officers, and outdoor event planners can respectively brainstorm, said commission director Jocelyn Kane.Read more »

Party Radar: Donuts farewell, Neon Spring, more. Plus: Les mimes!


Two big nightlife things this week are true: one sad (but hopeful!) and one speechless. The speechless one involves mimes. 

Yes, as the Chronicle keeps reporting, the Entertainment Commission is considering following in many European cities' silent footsteps -- perhaps against the wind, perhaps down invisible stairs, perhaps directly into a pernicious, intractable cube -- and utilizing street mime troupes to neutralize rowdy nightlife crowds on the street. It is horrifying. These roving claques of pantomimers, or "nocturnal artistic intervention squads" are part of a program called Les Pierrots de la Nuit, which is something I used to say out loud in the shower while I was washing my hair to crack myself up. Now those words have taken quivering, over-gesticulating flesh and I am mortified.

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