Bayview Hunters Point

Homeless for the holidays

Changing demographics in the Bayview complicate city efforts to open a shelter there


As temperatures dropped in recent weeks, those who care for San Francisco's homeless snapped into action.

Shelters stopped requiring reservations, making any beds still open after 8pm available to anyone who needed them. General Hospital's Emergency Room treated the annual uptick of hypothermia cases, working closely with the city's Homeless Outreach Team. Seven people in the Bay Area died as a result of cold weather in the last month — mercifully, none in San Francisco.Read more »

Community awaits benefits as Lennar finally breaks ground in Hunters Point


More than five years after San Francisco voters approved a massive redevelopment plan for the Hunters Point Shipyard and much the southeast part of the city -- giving Lennar Corp., the country’s biggest home builder, the largest tracts of open land in the city -- that project is now finally, slowly, getting underway.Read more »

On 67th anniversary of bombs in Japan, nuclear energy challenged


An hour before the Chevron refinery in Richmond started to burn, Bay Area residents were demonstrating against a different type of energy that posed different environmental and health risks. It was August 6, the 67th anniversary of the day Hiroshima was devastated by a nuclear bomb. August 9 will be the anniversary of the bomb in Nagasaki.Read more »

Morning Muni shutdown commemorates death of Kenneth Harding, Jr.


More than 50 protesters disrupted Muni service for about an hour this morning before peacefully leaving to march down Market, in commemoration of the death of Kenneth Harding, Jr., on July 16, 2011.

After gathering at 14th and Market, the group marched to the intersection of Duboce and Church, where Muni trains headed outbound exit the tunnel. Soon, at least four outbound trains and two inbound trains were backed up.

Buses replaced their service. Read more »

Four hours in Mendell Plaza


Everyone stops what they were doing and ducks behind the plastic tables set up on the sidewalk. Flyers and  packaging rustle in the wind. There's no yelling or chaos, but three police cars speed onto the scene from three different directions. 

I had been at Feed the People Day all of thirty seconds before gunshots were fired.Read more »

What happens when Lennar doesn't have a say


Today the Planning Commission holds a hearing about Lennar's massive development plan for Candlestick and Hunters Point Shipyard, a plan the Guardian has been critically tracking for years, but the Mayor's Office and a non-profit called the Center for Creative Land Recycling have been busily promoting (check out the above video clip). But one thing they won't be talking about is the Alternatives For Study that Arc Ecology proposed, Bionic developed and Urban Strategies reviewed two years ago, in an effort to improve the developer's otherwise Foster City-like vision for the heart of District 10 in the city's southeast sector.

Read more »