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For $26, I gained 2,500 followers -- and you can, too! Adventures in being fake popular on Twitter

Donohue's Twitter profile, with newly perky follower count thanks to a $26 investment in fake relevance

Of course, not all bots are bought bots. Ever received a freaky link from one of your followers on Twitter? Some bots are meant for virus transmission, and latch onto popular accounts to increase their perceived legitimacy. Perhaps being followed by more accounts makes you more suspectible.


The bots came sooner than I anticipated. Though Intertwitter had predicted I would see my 2,500 new friends join the party within three to five days, most came overnight. In fact, I saw even more than the promised amount drop in. 

Because every writer needs to know her audience, I investigated my bots. @CandraObrien, with her profile photo featuring a shock of bleached blond and deep blue hair, looked like someone who might follow me in real life. I clicked to her feed and the first tweet to greet my eyes was awfully, unnecessarily racist. A nursery rhyme with slurs plugged in. The n-word? Candra, why?

It was a moment of panic. Would I be judged by my racist bots? Why the hell would the overseas programmers that my fake follower hawkers had described write racist tweets for my shadow minions?

But generally, bot feeds were comprised of sweet, generic affirmations ("Move on past your divorce & plan for the future, as that's where u are going to spend the rest of your life & it is so bright it glimmers."), crude outbursts ("I Wanna Fuck Those Huge Melons !!!!!!"), and marked by a mix of languages unlikely to occur in any one person's nomenclature (@BenitaSheppard3 supplied us with all these gems — her feed also includes tweets in Portuguese and multiple Asian languages.)

Some day, I will write slam poetry created from the tweets of my bots. My fake follower experts told me these profiles would stick by my side for a year. I hope they stay for ever. Besides the racist one. (Candra, get help.)

Though I knew it was the utmost in superficiality, suddenly having 3,000 Twitter followers felt like an Internet boob job. I was getting more real-life followers than usual, too: an aspiring NASCAR driver, activist group ACT UP, a Philadelphia journalist I'd looked up to for years, porn professionals, weed smoker networks, an organic restaurant in Seattle, an apocalypse-inspired visual artist, an SF vogue dancer, and a Ukrainian foodie.

I realized that my entirely questionable social networking had paid off while bonding with a colleague over drinks. "I just wanted to tell you that your writing has been going so well!" she enthused into our third beers and mutual writerly appreciation. "I was just reading over your most recent articles, they're amazing. And you're doing so well on Twitter — 3,000 followers!"

She dissolved in embarrassment when I confessed my scheme, insisting that the number hadn't overly influenced her compliment. In fact, after a round of direct messages to some of my new real followers, not a one would admit that my pixelated new breasts had been what had impressed them sufficiently to hit that "follow" button, per se. "Did you follow me because I tricked you with spam bots?" is a weird question to answer to in the affirmative.

Although: "&yes — it's assumed if you have lots of followers you have an entertaining/funny/ culturally relative twitter and I should prob follow you," Desiree Hersey, an SF club promoter/X-rated crafter extraordinaire told me.

"In general I am more likely to follow someone on Twitter who I don't know if they have a lot of followers. But it's not just the number of followers, but the spread between the number of 'follows' and 'followers,'" explained Philly's investigative journalist Daniel Denvir.


Did Romney's bot army get him closer to the White House? Was my Intertwitter boob job a breach of Internet morality? I put the question of ethics to the fake follower professionals.


Can someone please explain to me what VALUE or PRODUCT social networking produces? Who benefits besides businessmen? More specifically, when will there be a "Twitter Revolution" in this country?

Posted by Joseph Thomas on Jan. 11, 2013 @ 8:14 am

To make followers we use,social media tools make it very easy to polish in on exactly the right contacts. Once you have your companies listed, go directly to LinkedIn and see if the company has a page. If it does, you could hit the jackpot. LinkedIn will show you your immediate contacts that have ties to the company as well as the second-degree connections you may ask for introductions. Additionally, it will highlight how many employees that organization has on LinkedIn. Click through your second-degree contacts list to see who connects you to the people you want to meet, and choose your closest contacts and those you think are most likely to have a strong connection with your target audience. Then, proceed to ask your friend to make introduction.

Posted by David villa on Jan. 14, 2013 @ 12:28 am

You may also use third party tools to get statistics
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Starbucks, MTV, Audi, Red Bull and General Electric are some of them.

Posted by buy instagram followers on Nov. 07, 2013 @ 11:36 am

Right, business. But do we really need MyFace or SpaceBook to "keep in touch" with Aunt Mildred? How about a letter, phone call, or email, none of which involve subjecting oneself or the recipient to unsolicited advertising?

Posted by Joseph Thomas on Jan. 16, 2013 @ 5:21 pm

In today's business globe, things are transforming quicker than ever. While some individuals assume that the sturdy make it through, that is not totally accurate. When it boils down to it, flourishing is about your potential to alter. In shorts, nothing is a lot more crucial compared to social media marketing. This supplies a completely unique strategy to advertising. Several principles have transformed, but some of them are the same. You may want to attempt to be patient and make a social networks advertising and marketing plan that will certainly match your particular needs as a firm.

Posted by George on Oct. 25, 2013 @ 9:00 am

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Posted by Guest on Oct. 25, 2013 @ 9:04 am

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